Holistic, Natural, Sustainable Health Solutions

Welcome to this “House of Health”, which you may enter through one of many doors depicted by the “5 Pillars of Health”.

If you’re experiencing a health issue in any of these areas, chances are that ALL 5 areas of your health are affected. Healing, health and wholeness in just one of these areas will positively affect every area of your health and life.

Alternative Health Alliance LV

Alternative Health Alliance LV is a wellness center, a coalition of experienced, professional health providers based in Las Vegas, Nevada who integrate their specialized health services so that you can experience optimal health in every area of your life.

Invitation to Achieve Your Optimal Health

So, come to the Alternative Health Alliance LV with your health issue, enter this “House of Health” through the doorway that meets your current need.

Expect to receive holistic and natural sustainable health solutions here. However, if your need is best met by traditional Western medicine, we have a physician and registered nurse on our team who are equipped to recognize and make that referral.